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RN Salary in Hawaii - HI

Hawaii Registered Nurses Salaries

A brief survey shows annual nursing salaries in Hawaii can range from $26,000 to $95,000.  A 2006 National Compensation Survey shows Registered Nurses in Hawaii earning an average $35.61 per hour.  Nurses specializing in certain areas, such as critical care or internal medicine, will typically earn more than those in school nursing environments or non-profit settings.

Average annual salaries on the state’s major areas include:

Honolulu, Hawaii RN salary: $51,000
Kauai, Hawaii RN salary: $48,000
Maui, Hawaii RN salary: $52,000
Oahu, Hawaii RN salary: $52,000


Advancement Opportunities
Hospitals and schools throughout Hawaii offer advanced certificates, training, and programs designed to help nurses broaden their experience and advance their career.  Registered nurses can take classes and continuing education in specialties such as emergency/critical care, anesthesia, orthopedics, or neurosurgery.  Enhancing a particular knowledge base and skills set gives nurses a leg up on the career ladder, and makes them more attractive to potential employers.

Nurses in Hawaii may also move up in their field by taking on administrative, teaching, or managerial roles in clinical health settings.  In these positions, a nurse’s workplace may be the boardroom, the classroom, or in an office overseeing operations of a clinic.

Hawaii Nurses Association
The Hawaii Nurses Association (HNA) represents 10,000 registered nurses in Hawaii. The HNA represents the professional interests of nurses throughout the state and engages in legislative advocacy on issues affecting professional nurses, and provides valuable career advancement and networking opportunities for its members. 

Philippines Nurses’ Association Hawaii (PNAH) is a chapter of the Philippines Nurses’ Association of America, and promotes the professional development, networking, and advancement of Philippinos in nursing, and the Philippino community as a whole across the state.

The Hawaii Association of Professional Nurses (HAPN) is a non-profit association representing the professional concerns of registered nurses and nursing students in the state.

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