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Health education is a vast field encompassing a variety of job descriptions. Over 50% of health educators work in healthcare and social assistance, while 23% work in government. The minimum health education degree in Arizona, as in most states, is a bachelor degree. While this degree can help you obtain an entry-level job as a health educator, a master's degree may be required for certain positions or for advancement. Some of the positions an individual with a health education degree in Arizona can expect to find include AIDS educator, infant mortality educator, community health educator, and school health program educator or coordinator.

Where can one obtain a bachelor degree in health or in health education? This major is offered at most colleges and universities, including online institutions. A bachelor degree program typically lasts four years, but some online programs are accelerated and allow students the option of obtaining the degree in two years. Coursework in a health education program, depending upon the particular slant of the program, could include physical education, history, philosophy, medical ethics, and/or sports sciences. For those who plan to work in the Arizona K-12 school system or in higher education, in addition to 30 hours of training in your field, 240 hours of work experience is also required. This may be satisfied through actual work experience or by a practicum offered by your educational program.

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