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Health Education Schools in Michigan - MI

Michigan is one of the largest and most populated states in the country, with the number of residents exceeding ten million.
Those people all need access to quality medical care and information, and as a health educator in the state of Michigan, it’ll be your job to keep them informed, educated, and healthy.

To this end, there are many schools and many different options for prospective health educators looking to begin their education. Some choose to attend a college or university; others prefer the convenience and flexibility of an online degree program. Others might even start in another allied health field, and then cross-over, brining their hard-earned medical knowledge and experience with them.

The most common way to earn a health education degree in Michigan, though, is to enroll in a four year bachelor’s degree program. Though all are different, most follow the same general path. You’ll learn how to communicate with people from all walks of life and all cultures; you’ll learn to process and relay complex medical processes and information to both individual patients, and the general public. You’ll learn to how to spearhead and maintain public awareness programs, how to develop curriculums and presentations, and you’ll receive a fair amount of medical training as well.

Internships, and similar opportunities, should be quite plentiful going into the third and fourth year of your bachelor’s. Make sure to take advantage of them, as any allied health education benefits immensely from on the job training.

While a bachelor’s is enough for most entry level health educator jobs in Michigan, a master’s degree is required for immediate admission into higher level career paths and university professorship. If you decide to pursue one, you’ll have the ability to specialize in a certain area, as health educators in Michigan get science and education degrees as frequently as they get public health ones.

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