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Health Education Schools in Minnesota - MN

Minnesota has one of the healthiest populations in the US, according to information gathered by, and while some of that must be due to unmatched opportunities for hiking, camping, and outdoorsy recreational activities, it is also due to the work of countless medical professionals and health educators.

As a health educator in Minnesota, you’ll be on the frontlines of this fight, helping patients understand complex procedures and conditions, educating the public on how to keep themselves healthy, and training the allied health professionals of tomorrow.
To get there, you’ll have to start with your own education. In Minnesota, health educators are expected to earn at least a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree in a relevant field for top-level job positions. A health education degree in Minnesota can be earned at college and university campuses throughout the state, and, increasingly commonly, through flexible and educationally-diverse online degree programs.

The curriculum for these programs, no matter which type of school you pick, usually follows the same path. You’ll start with communication, English, and public speaking classes, as health educators need to be able to communicate effectively, through a variety of mediums, to patients and students of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.

From there, you learn how to process and convey complex medical procedures and concepts, how to create lesson plans and teach classes of your own, and to involve and educate the general public on medical issues they need to be aware of.

Internship and work-experience related opportunities usually start opening up in the third and fourth years. Take advantage of as many of these as you can, especially the ones directly related to what you want your future career to be.

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