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Health Education Schools in New Hampshire - NH

New Hampshire may be a small state, in both landmass and population, but it’s one with a fierce and excellent reputation for quality healthcare, and when it comes to pursuing your health education career, there aren’t many better states to be trained in.

A health education degree in New Hampshire is today earned either at flexible online schools, or at more traditional college or university settings. Both must adhere to the same academic requirements, so there is no general difference in the quality of education, and either offer the necessary bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Whichever school you decide to go to, you’ll probably encounter a similar curriculum. Health educators need to able to communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations, so you’ll learn and study English and medical literature, public and group speaking, psychology, as well as how to talk positively with people of all age groups, backgrounds, and cultures.

Your curriculum will also emphasize education heavily, since many health educators go on to teach at middle and high schools, or at the college or university level. You’ll learn how to make your own curriculums and lesson plans, how to create and grade tests, and how to manage your students. Since this is an allied health career, and a large part of your job may be helping patients better understand their treatments, diagnoses, and illnesses, you’ll also cover a broad-based medical curriculum.

Internships usually start during the third year, so keep an eye out for them and take what you can, especially if they relate to the kind of health educator career you want to have. Employers in New Hampshire like to see at least some experience, and the connections you create may prove invaluable.

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