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Health Education Schools in New York - NY

Health education is important for all students, from elementary through high school. Learning how to prevent injury, maintain good mental and emotional health, keep one’s body functioning properly, and avoid anything that would diminish one’s physical health are important lessons for students to learn, and are usually taught by a health educator. Many students pursue a health education degree in New York in order to help educate others about these important health matters.

Schools in New York usually offer bachelor degree programs in health education, although many also offer graduate programs in which one can obtain a masters level or higher degree. Courses that one can expect to take at health education schools in New York vary depending upon the track one takes (i.e., public health education, elementary health education, secondary health education, physical education). Courses in health education can be found at colleges, universities and online. Programs may include classes in health assessment, health policies, law, organizational behavior, and courses targeted toward health educators who plan to work with specific populations (such as students, the elderly, community public health or the mentally challenged). Undergraduate programs in health education in New York typically consist of about 60 credits, and graduate programs in health education usually are an additional 45 credits.

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