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According to, Pennsylvania’s infant mortality rate is higher than the national average (7.4 per 1000 live births, as compared to the national average of 6.8 per 1000, live births). The state also has a higher percentage of adults with disabilities (13.4% vs. the national average of 12.1%). These two facts, while they may seem incongruous, point to a need for more health educators to work in all sorts of capacities in Pennsylvania. Health educators may work in health prevention, public schools, universities, research, communities, and a host of other settings.

Before becoming a health educator in Pennsylvania, one must obtain a health education degree. If one wishes to teach health education in the state’s public school system, it is vital to complete a teacher preparation program at the undergraduate level first. Then, one may choose to pursue graduate programs, if desired. A masters degree in health education may help you to obtain a health teacher position over a candidate who just has a bachelor degree. Particularly when one gets into the fields of public health education, research and university health education, a graduate degree may be necessary even for an entry level position. Schools (both elementary and secondary) usually will only require a bachelor degree of health teachers, but may look more favorably upon applicants with graduate degrees.

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