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Health Education Schools in Rhode Island - RI

A health education degree in Rhode Island will qualify you for a variety of positions. Many employers require at least a bachelor’s degree; some require a master’s or above. In addition, because health educators serve in a variety of settings, other degrees may qualify you for a health educator position. For example, a health educator seeking a position that includes a strong wellness and exercise component within a large corporation may have an academic background in exercise science, health promotion, or kinesiology.  Likewise, a degree in public health, education, or social work may help a candidate for a position as a health educator in a government agency or for one of Rhode Island’s public schools. A nursing degree along coupled with a teaching certificate and experience in an oncology unit, a maternal-baby unit, or other specific areas of medicine may qualify someone to be a health educator in Rhode Island simply due to their experience and additional educational background. 

There are many schools in Rhode Island, several of which are partners with large hospitals. Among these are the Lifespan Health System of hospitals in Providence and the Kent Hospital in Warwick. Online schools, as well as several colleges and universities in the state of Rhode Island offer courses and programs that will prepare a student with the necessary background to become a health educator.

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