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Health Education Schools in South Carolina - SC

Health educators in South Carolina work in a variety of settings in order to encourage and educate people to pursue healthy lifestyles. They share ways to prevent injury and illness by making health-related topics easy to understand and healthy behaviors easy to apply. Topics health educators cover during a one-on-one session, workshop setting, or large class environment may focus on nutrition, exercise, sexually transmitted disease information, childbirth, diabetes care, elder-care, or many other health-related or wellness issues. A good health educator assesses the needs of the audience and tailors the information so that it is culturally relevant and understandable.

Health educators typically have at least a bachelor’s degree; some may have a master’s degree, especially if it is a requirement of their job. There are schools in South Carolina that offer a degree in health education; however, online programs are fast becoming the norm. To obtain a health education degree in South Carolina, you have to take certain basic courses such as psychology, nutrition, sociology, communication, educational methods, and other health-related topics. For example, you’ll find schools offering degrees in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Public Health.  This type of program prepares students to be able to address various health issues in many different settings.

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