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Become a Health Teacher in North Carolina - NC

For each and every health care career in North Carolina there must be people qualified to educate and train individuals in the specific information pertinent to the field. In order to become a health educator you can take many different paths simply depending on what field you are interested and educated in. The next steps cover the basics to becoming a health educator in North Carolina in order to teach at a college level.

  1. Earn an entry-level degree in the field of your choosing. Some health professions only require a certificate, where others require a bachelor's or Master's degree. Make sure you earn all of the credentials and licenses necessary to work within your chosen profession.
  2. An advanced degree, such as a Master's or a doctoral degree may be required for you to teach in the profession. Nursing professional educators currently must hold a Master's degree in Nursing Education along with teaching credentials, in North Carolina. Some professions, such as medical assisting may only require a certificate. 
  3. Take a position in your field to work and learn as much as you possibly can. The best teachers are those that can relate to their students with real world experience and examples. North Carolina is a great place to work as an athletic trainer for minor league baseball, hockey and basketball, and you will have the exposure of working with students who are recruited to intern with the teams as well.
  4. This of course leads to the final point, which is to be a teacher in any opportunity you are presented with. Take the chance to lead a refresher course in life saving techniques through North Carolina's American Heart Association.
  5. When you are ready to jump into the specific education side of your profession you should be ready to teach from both your own education and experience.

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