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Health Teacher Salaries in Connecticut - CT

The average salary of health educators working in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $49,060. The average health educator salary in Connecticut for the 740 health educators employed in that state is quite a bit higher than that, at $57,120. Connecticut also holds the distinction of having the third highest-paying metropolitan area for health educators to work: Waterbury, which pays its health educators an average salary of $83,520 (according to the BLS).

Employment within the state of Connecticut for health educators is available in school systems; hospitals; community and private organizations; government organizations (local, state and federal); and universities. Some medical facilities in Connecticut that could be expected to employ health educators include Masonicare Health Center, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, New Haven Hospital and St. Vincent's Medical Center. Salaries tend to vary from one state to another and from one town to another within the same state. Often, these salary variations are due to things like different educational requirements within certain areas for the same position, and therefore, differing educational backgrounds of the average health educators working in that area. We can see these variations if we examine health educator salary figures from various cities and towns around Connecticut.

Bridgeport:  $45,000
New Haven:  $40,000
Hartford:  $42,000
Stamford:  $50,000

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