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Health Teacher Salaries in Hawaii - HI

The cost of living in the state of Hawaii is very high and prohibitive for many.  However, the quality of life experienced by those living in the Hawaiian Islands, surrounded by incredible beauty make up for what the state lacks in abundance of salary.  Health educator salary in Hawaii on average is as follows:

Honolulu, Hawaii:  $51,000
Hilo, Hawaii:  $50,000
Kailua, Hawaii:  $51,000

The state of Hawaii offers a limited availability of jobs in any field.  However, the field of healthcare is the fastest growing field in the United States and the career of health educator in Hawaii is predicted to experience growth higher than average when compared to the rest of the country.  This creates a strong possibility of being able to locate a job as a health educator in Hawaii that will support you in your endeavor to experience this amazing state as home.

There are some major medical facilities around the state and these are good places to begin your hunt for a suitable position as a heath educator.  These facilities include the Kuakini Medical Center, Queen’s Medical Center and Hilo Medical Center.  A hospital is a great resource for connecting educators with the community and if there isn’t already a program or position that interests you, there is always the possibility of one being created.