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Health Teacher Salaries in Illinois - IL

The health educator salary in Illinois is among the top in the United States, so choosing Illinois, as the place to begin your career will assure you a comfortable income. 

Earning a bachelor’s degree prepares you for entry level positions as a health educator in Illinois.  In order to secure the best positions you can better equip yourself with hands on experience by completing an internship or volunteering.  This extra effort will set you apart from any competition you might face for a desired position and will make you more appealing to prospective employers.  In addition, your earning potential will increase with every added qualification you possess. 

Some examples of health educator salaries for cities around Illinois follow.

Chicago, Illinois:  $68,000
Aurora, Illinois:  $52,000
Rockford, Illinois:  $59,000
Joliet, Illinois:  $74,000

Joliet, Illinois boasts health educator salaries that are 7% higher than the rest of the nation.  The field of health care is the fastest growing employer in the United States and as it grows it continues to become more specialized.  The role of health educator is increasingly more important and in demand as educators are often the liaison between the business of health care and the people it is set up to serve.

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