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Health Teacher Salaries in Indiana - IN

Health educator salary in Indiana is variable depending on many different factors.  Level of education obtained and number of years and specifics of experience always directly influence the salary offered by an employer.  In addition to those qualifications, you can increase your earning power by seeking out as many certifications and additional training as you can in your specific area of health education.   

The sector of health care that you work in can greatly influence your salary.  You might seek employment as a college professor and earn tenure in Indiana, as this will award you a comfortable salary.  Alternatively you might find yourself drawn to public service in Indiana.  Your focus could be on public health and educating the less privileged portion of the community on how they can increase their chances of avoiding disease and raising healthy children through incorporating better nutrition into their lives, which would command an even higher salary. There are so many factors that affect your potential salary as a health educator in Indiana.  This profession provides a great array of opportunities and allows you to tailor your career to fit you as an individual.

Some examples of annual salaries for health educators around the state of Indiana include:

Indianapolis, Indiana:  $56,000
Fort Wayne, Indiana:  $68,000
Evansville, Indiana:  $56,000

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