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Health Teacher Salaries in Massachusetts - MA

The medical industry is rapidly expanding, and the demand for health educators is expanding right along with it. In fact, in Massachusetts and elsewhere, the need for health educators is actually outpacing the demand for allied health professionals of almost every other type.

This is because health educators fulfill very important roles. They train future medical professionals, they help patients and the public manage their own care to reduce unnecessary stress on hospitals and clinics, and they increase the health education and awareness of the entire population.

As such, both job prospects, and salary numbers, look quite good for health educators in Massachusetts, a state which already has an above-average median income.

According to salary aggregator, a prospective health educator salary in Massachusetts is about $76,000 dollars, though that number changes depending on where in the state you choose to work:

  • Boston - $75,000
  • Cambridge - $74,000
  • Lowell - $72,000
  • Springfield - $66,000
  • Worcester - $62,000

Of course, given that health educators work in a variety of fields, the largest drivers of differences in salaries come from the type of job worked, and the type of facility worked at.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health educators that make the most work at the largest surgical and medical hospitals, like Massachusetts General Hospital. Those teaching at high-level medical facilities, like the Harvard Medical School, are next, followed by those employed at smaller facilities like the Marlborough Hospital or Winchester Hospital. Those that make the least work at outpatient care centers family clinics.

Once you’ve graduated and are ready to enter the workforce as health educator in Massachusetts, take some time to look around and pursue the career you really want too. Job prospects are so good in Massachusetts for this profession that, with enough looking, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

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