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Health Teacher Salaries in Michigan - MI

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for health educators in Michigan, and across the US, are expected to increase by 18% over the next decade, and Michigan, with its teeming population, is going to see at least that much demand, if not more.
Perhaps that is why a health educator salary in Michigan is solidly and consistently above the average income for the state.

According to information compiled from the BLS and, a salary aggregator, Michigan health educators make the following salaries in the state’s largest cities:

  • Sterling Heights - $62,000
  • Detroit / Warren - $61,000
  • Lansing - $55,000
  • Ann Arbor - $51,000

Beyond location, many other factors influence how much a health educator will get paid. Obviously, those with a master’s will, as a rule, make more than those with just a bachelor’s; almost $15,000 more.

Likewise, those employed at Michigan’s larger healthcare facilities, like the William Beaumont Hospital, or Traverse City State Hospital, will make considerably more than those employed at a small clinic, or smaller secondary or post-secondary school.

What mere salary statistics can’t fully show; however, is how actively schools, institutions, and medical centers in Michigan are hunting for skilled and talented health educators. With job demand at an all time high, salary prospects looking very promising, and the entire medical industry seeking to expand, there has probably never been a better time to pursue a health education career in Michigan.

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