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Health Teacher Salaries in Minnesota - MN

Minnesota is one the healthiest states in the US, and they aim to keep it that way. To this end, medical professionals make very good money in the state, which already has one of the highest median incomes for any state across the US.

For this reason, a health educator salary in Minnesota is very good, and combining this with the occupation’s excellent job prospects, means this is an excellent time to begin a career as a health educator.

Health educators can make around $63,000 dollars a year in the state, and even more in some of the state’s largest cities, according to salary aggregator

  • Rochester - $64,000
  • Minneapolis / St. Paul - $57,000
  • Duluth - $54,000

Other factors that influence how much a health educator is paid in Minnesota include level of education, job type, and the kind and size of facility worked at.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest earners among health educators are those with master’s degrees, working at large scale care facilities like United Hospital, or the Abbot Northwestern Hospital. These people might train staff and run educational programs, create programs to improve the general health literacy of patients, and appeal for grants to help in the funding of important research projects.

The lowest are those that work in small clinics and outpatient care centers, or those who teach classes at small secondary or post-secondary schools.

Of course, salary isn’t everything. With such great job growth expected to continue unabated for at least the next ten years, you should easily be able to find and pursue the health education career in Minnesota that you want.

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