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Health Informatics Degree in Oklahoma - OK

Although medical informatics programs in Oklahoma are primarily to be found via distance learning schools and online learning, opportunities are there for students to take health informatics courses and learn the principles and processes of managing healthcare data electronically and analyzing the data that is collected.

Health information technology and systems is a key part of a curriculum that includes courses in health information systems design and management. If a student does not have a solid background in information technology management, then courses in database management, and web systems and technologies are usually recommended.

Medical informatics programs in Oklahoma also cover current legal and regulatory standards, enabling the student to eventually administer their organization’s compliance with healthcare information laws, regulations and standards. Those in this profession must be cognizant of how to design and implement security measures to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) to meet patient confidentiality requirements.

Since many students in Oklahoma study medical informatics with the goal of becoming a health information administrator or assuming a similar management role, a study of organizational behavior and management principles are included. As a professional, they are expected to monitor industry trends and organizational needs to anticipate changes and, depending upon their role, develop and manage strategic and operational plans for facility-wide health information management.

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