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Health Informatics Degree in Pennsylvania - PA

Many colleges and universities in Pennsylvania offer training in health information management. The wide variety of medical informatics programs in Pennsylvania reflects the increasing importance and popularity of this relatively young discipline combining health care, business, and information technology. With the proper training and experience, job opportunities are almost limitless within the state of Pennsylvania.

Health informatics courses you will find in most training programs, regardless of the program or school you choose, will be similar. They will focus on teaching skills necessary for the development of health care data collection, including developing reporting systems that ensure, availability, quality, and integrity. The core focus of training is always on preserving medical data to support patient privacy, and safety. Courses in clinical medicine topics; electronic records; coding and classification systems; quality and human resource management;  and ethical, legal, can usually be found in training programs for healthcare informatics. Undergraduate degrees are usually sufficient to get started in the field, but graduate degrees are also available for those who are interested. Graduate courses in health informatics will most likely include titles such as Information Technology for the Electronic Health Record; EHR: Ethical, Legal, and Advocacy Aspects; Healthcare Reimbursement Systems; Management of Information Technology; and Leadership in the Health Professions. After graduation, most students earn their RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) credential by passing an exam.

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