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Health Informatics Degree in Tennessee - TN

Most health or medical informatics programs in Tennessee seek to educate students in subjects like law, medicine, finance, information technology, computer applications, health care, and management. Since the health informatics field is largely dependent on data analysis and information systems and technology, students may also be subject to technology requirements. For instance, some programs will request that students acquire specific hardware, software, and internet service providers in order to become familiar with technology networks particular to health informatics occupations.

Programs vary slightly among schools that offer health information management training in terms of required curriculum. For instance, some programs may include clinical training, internship opportunities, and research projects while others may not. Yet, most programs provide similar classes pertaining to health informatics theory. Some examples of three-credit health informatics courses in Tennessee are: Alternative Health Record Systems, Health Research, Current Issues in Health Information Management, Personnel Administration, Information Technology and Systems, Statistics and Decision Making, and Knowledge Management. Students that intend on gaining RHIA certification must hold at least an associate’s degree in health information management. The primary certification agency for health informatics is the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Even though Tennessee does not make certification a prerequisite of employment, many employers often do.

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