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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Alabama - AL

Schooling prepares students to enter health information management jobs in Alabama in which they manage the timely dissemination of information with consideration for privacy and confidentiality issues.  According to the Department of Labor, RHIAs earn an average salary of $91,000 annually, with jobs in general medical and surgical hospitals paying the highest salaries.

Across Alabama, health informatics professionals earn approximately:

  • Huntsville, $73,000
  • Montgomery, $83,000
  • Birmingham, $86,000
  • Mobile, $90,000

Professionals may find employment throughout the state in medical centers, practice groups, clinics and well-known hospitals such as Saint Vincent’s Birmingham, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center and Huntsville Hospital.  They may also work for insurance companies, government agencies and legal offices.

Employment of health services managers, which include health informatics professionals, is anticipated to increase by more than 15% by 2018, a rate faster than growth in other occupations.  This is because managers are needed in all workplace settings within the industry to improve the quality and delivery of services at a controlled cost.  In addition, managers will help to ensure the computerization and security of patient records as the industry becomes increasingly more digitalized and as improved technologies shift patient care from hospitals practice groups.

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