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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Arkansas - AR

Degree holders who seek health informatics jobs in Arkansas will support the health care industry by leveraging their management and technology skills to support patient care.  As RHIAs, they will develop systems to appropriately store and to retain important records, ensuring high levels of integrity in doing so.  Moreover, they will be chiefly responsible for the administrative side of health care treatment, making certain that the right people and organizations are connected when they need to be.

In Arkansas, the health information management salary for RHIA’s is reported as:

  • Little Rock, $57,000
  • Fayetteville, $51,000
  • Jonesboro, $57,000

While RHIAs have their choice of industry in which to work, those who would to practice in hospitals can seek jobs in major facilities like Saint Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, Arkansas Regional Medical Center, and Baptist Health Medical Center.

More than 40,000 people will enter the medical and health services management field by 2018.  This occupational field includes RHIAs.  The expansion of health care and the aging of America are two significant reasons for this growth.  RHIAs will play major roles in supporting the care industry, particularly because of their understanding of how best to do so through technology.

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