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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Connecticut - CT

Health informatics jobs in Connecticut are well paying, rewarding, technologically challenging and growing in number with each passing year. A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report states that around 283,500 people held jobs within the health informatics field in 2008. Around forty percent of those positions were inside of hospitals, another twenty percent in private practices, and the remainder distributed throughout mental health institutions, nursing facilities and other health support organizations.

Recent regulations enacted by the Federal Government requiring health-care providers to maintain electronic copies of all patient records is spurring growth in the health informatics field. The BLS predicts as much as 16% total growth in the field by the year 2018.

Compensation for professionals in health informatics varies by education, work experience, hiring agency and specific location. Average salary expectations in Connecticut are listed by location below.

  • Bridgeport, Connecticut $84,000
  • Hartford, Connecticut $73,000
  • New Haven, Connecticut $69,000
  • Stamford, Connecticut $92,000

Up and coming health information administrators can expect to increase their marketability through acquiring specialized certification and additional training in the realm of database management and security, statistical analysis, and clinical coding. Those pursuing a career in Connecticut can expect increased salaries not only with improving credentials, but also with acquiring employment in more urban areas of the state.

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