Health Information Management Salary in Florida - FL

Health Information Management Salary in Florida - FL

Health informatics jobs in Florida are growing at an encouraging rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released a report in 2008 stating that 283,500 professionals were currently employed in the field. Of those, some thirty-eight percent worked in hospitals, nineteen percent in residential facilities and nursing homes, and the remainder in private practices, mental health institutions and other health-care offices. The BLS report predicted a total growth of the health informatics and related fields of 16% by 2018, a growth rate that is favorably higher than the national average growth of employment.

Salaries in the health informatics industry vary by education requirements, work experience, additional certification and credentialing, as well as physical location. Generally speaking, urban areas of Florida offer better wages than rural areas, although the associated costs of living compensate for some of the difference. Average health informatics salaries in Florida are listed below by city.

  • Jacksonville, Florida $70,000
  • Miami, Florida $75,000
  • Tampa, Florida $71,000
  • St. Petersburg, Florida $71,000
  • Orlando, Florida $70,000

The current governmental conditions are improving the outlook for the health informatics industry at large. Regulations recently enacted by the federal government requiring hospitals to maintain electronic records, for example, play a major role in the rapid expansion of the job market.

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