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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Georgia - GA

A career in health informatics would be interesting and challenging as it includes elements of technology, problem solving, and data manipulation as well as interpersonal skills, good communication strategies, and even an element of empathy as you are likely to interact with a variety of different people throughout the day, including doctors, nurses, patients, insurance company representatives, and technical support people. Health informatics careers also provide a wide variety of settings in which to work: In addition to hospitals, clinics, physician offices, skilled nursing facilities, and other hands-on patient settings, there are a host of settings which do not involve direct patient care. These include insurance companies, government agencies, software vendors, consultants, and pharmaceutical companies.

Salaries for health informatics jobs in Georgia vary depending on the location, type of facility, and qualifications of the applicant. Salaries tend to be higher in larger cities and cities in metropolitan areas. Most of the jobs in health informatics are found in hospitals and other acute care facilities. The typical average annual health information management salary for medical informaticists in Georgia would be $55,000 - $70,000. Job prospects for health informatics specialists are very positive as the merging of health care information and computer technology continues to expand. The need for employees who are knowledgeable in technological, medical, and administrative information is growing at a very rapid rate.

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