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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Hawaii - HI

The key to understanding the future of health information management jobs in Hawaii is to understand why they are an essential piece of the healthcare system. HIA professionals use electronic records systems to oversee and maintain medical records, ensuring that patient safety is realized and healthcare standards are met.

In Hawaii, the largest group to use medical care is the over-age-65 demographic, which accounts for roughly 24% of the population in Hawaii, much higher than most other states that average around 19%. This is only one reason that the future of health informatics remains bright in Hawaii. As long as the need for medical treatment continues, HIA professionals will have a place in Hawaii’s healthcare system.

On average, health information administrators in Hawaii earn about $68,000 per year, which includes annual salary figures from recently graduated health informatics specialists. Not only are there significant employment opportunities in this field, there is also a great amount of financial potential as well.

The average annual salary for health information management careers in Hawaii can certainly vary between geographic locations. The list below provides information on these salary figures across Hawaii according to city:

  • Honolulu: $63,000
  • Kailua: $63,000
  • Hilo: $59,000
  • Pearl City: $63,000

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