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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Indiana - IN

You are likely interested in knowing where the field of health information management will be going in the future. The answer lies within the sustained need for preventative medicine and medical treatment in Indiana. In 2008, about 8.1% of Indiana’s adult population was afflicted by diabetes or diabetic health complications. While that may not sound like a huge number, it does account for about 373,000 Indiana residents. This is just one medical condition in Indiana requiring maintenance and treatment.

On that same note, the BLS suggests that about 25% more health information management professionals are going to be needed between now and 2018. This is significant because most other professions only see an increase of 9%, so we can see that health informatics has become a main stay within the healthcare system in Indiana.

If you want to increase your earning potential in this field, consider becoming a member of the Indiana Health Information Management Association. This group advocates for continued standards in healthcare through the use of health informatics.

The median annual income of HIA professionals in Indiana is a significant $86,000, much higher than the national average. Here are some of these averages listed by city:

  • Indianapolis: $69,000
  • Fort Wayne: $84,000
  • Evansville: $69,000

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