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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Mississippi - MS

Entry-level salaries for this profession generally range between $40,000 and $75,000 per year. However, the average health information management salary in Mississippi for administrators is an astounding $80,000. There is no doubt that a certain amount of financial security can be found within this profession.

It is important to remember that the type of facility you work in can influence how much you will earn each year. Larger medical facilities with larger patient bases tend to pay more for their health information administrators. Smaller clinics and local physician’s offices may not have the financial resources to pay as much in salary as larger facilities would. You should, however, find an employment environment that makes you feel comfortable and rewarded, regardless of annual income.

Health information administrators in Mississippi also have the opportunity to increase their professional value by getting involved with HIM professional organizations, such as the Mississippi Health & Information Management Association (MSHIMA). This group advocates for higher standards and represents the concerns of HIM professionals statewide.

Because geographic location can also impact annual salary, the figures below show the average salaries for health information managers in Mississippi by city:

  • Jackson: $71,000
  • Gulfport: $56,000
  • Biloxi: $63,000
  • Hattiesburg: $70,000