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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Oregon - OR

The field of health informatics is rapidly expanding and those looking for health informatics jobs in Oregon should find no shortage of opportunities. Recent federal government mandates for electronic health records, the increasing number and complexity of medical tests ordered by physicians, and the requirements and regulations of insurance companies and third-party vendors mean that there is a need for qualified health information administrators.

What salary can someone in the health informatics field expect in Oregon? In Oregon, employment opportunities for health information administrators are expected to grow much faster than the regional average.  For an idea of what salaries can be expected, in Oregon a health information administrator (HIA) salary is given as $70,000 per year, according to data compiled from job postings across Oregon by For those health information administrators who have attained the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) certification by passing the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) national certification examination, a median annual salary in Oregon has been shown to be as high as $72,000. For major cities in Oregon, average annual salaries are as follows:

  • Eugene:  $69,000 yearly
  • Portland: $64,000 yearly
  • Gresham:  $64,000 yearly
  • Salem:  $61,000 yearly

Many of Oregon’s 36 hospitals, such as Sacred Heart Medical Center and Salem Hospital, as well as clinics, medical research laboratories, health insurance companies, physician practices, nursing homes, and public health agencies all employ those in the health informatics field.

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