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Health Informatics Job and Salary Expectations in Vermont - VT

Since health information management is an interdisciplinary field that integrates medical, technology, health care, business, and computer information, health informatics professionals can work in a variety of settings and can perform many different roles. According to one Vermont school, students that gain formal education and training can later qualify for health informatics jobs like compliance supervisors, provider relations representatives, health information clerks I & II, medical billing and charge specialists, staff and clinical assistants, patient account representatives, transcription supporters, department assistants, scheduling specialists, implementation specialists, patient account representatives, and patient support specialists.

When searching for job opportunities, health information administrators should begin by targeting bigger cities like Burlington, Colchester, Essex, and Rutland where positions are in greater abundance due to high populations that require health care and medical attention. The next step is to locate major health care providers in the area like hospitals and medical centers that are strong employers of health informatics professionals. In Vermont, facilities like Fletcher Allen Health Care—Medical Center Campus, Southwestern Vermont Health Care, Rutland Regional Medical Center, and Central Vermont Medical Center could all provide great career opportunities.

Once employed, health information administrators across the United States earn an average salary of $63,000/yr. Yet, the average salary for this occupation in Vermont is actually somewhat higher at $65,000/yr. The salary averages for some of the largest cities in Vermont are as follows:

Burlington:  $48,000/yr.
Essex:  $50,000/yr.
Rutland:  $50,000/yr.
South Burlington:  $48,000/yr.
Montpelier:  $49,000/yr.

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