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Health Information Managment Course in Alabama - AL

A health information management degree in Alabama can position an individual to play a pivotal role in integrating technology with healthcare to efficiently manage records on behalf of patients, doctors and insurance providers.  Professionals in this field, called registered health information administrators (RHIAs), rely on their knowledge of medical, legal and ethical healthcare standards to ensure the continuum of care within settings like hospitals and clinics through utilizing computer systems to manage and to analyze patient data.  In addition, they lead workplace units and the people within them to ensure that financial, administrative and information systems operate effectively.

Universities in Alabama award bachelor degrees in health information administration (HIA) and master degrees in health informatics (HI).  The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIM), which provides validation for degree-granting programs that have either met or exceeded its minimum accreditation standards, accredits both programs.  Individuals who enroll in CAHIM accredited degree studies have enhanced occupational marketability because future employers recognize these programs as high-quality.  They are understood to have engaged in rigorous, demanding studies that ensure their acumen and skills set once they leave the classroom and enter the workplace. 

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