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Health Information Managment Course in California - CA

California residents who want to blend interests in both technology and health care can do so by becoming registered health information administrators (RHIAs).  By attaining a health information management degree in informatics, Californians can work to manage medical records to support patients, physicians and insurers, thereby facilitating organizational efficiency.  Using information systems to manage health care data, RHIAs help to ensure that facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, government agencies and insurance companies meet patients’ needs through not only medical care and related services, but also through best practices in information administration.  They help to design and to implement systems used for the recordkeeping, research, and security of care-related files.  RHIAs also develop and evaluate the procedures and policies that guide the systems they oversee.

In California, the Bachelor’s of Science in Health Information Management is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).  This organization validates health information management degree programs that have met and/or exceeded its rigorous standards.  Enrollment in CAHIIM programs is advantageous for aspiring RHIAs because employers consider these programs to be high quality and comprehensive in instruction.  In addition, completion of CAHIM degree programs qualifies graduates for professional certifications.

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