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Health Information Managment Course in Georgia - GA

The combination of medical information and technology, which can be summarized as “health informatics,�? has created various career opportunities as well as different levels of educational needs. Generally speaking, this progression may be seen as the difference between a technician, an administrator, and a specialist. A technician inputs information into a technological database and can typically obtain a position after earning an associate’s degree or completing a vocational certificate. An administrator usually has a bachelor’s degree and manages people in addition to managing information. A specialist, who may have a bachelor’s degree but often has a master’s degree, designs the programs and systems which administrators and technicians use to record, store, and access the information or has very specialized knowledge and skills regarding the use of technology to improve health care and lower costs.  

To obtain a health information management degree in informatics, Georgia’s residents will need a basic set of competencies in both technological and medical topics. If your background is in health care, for example, you will need to learn about computer technology, databases, and other technical information. If your background is strong in technology, you will need to take courses such as medical terminology and health care issues in order to have an understanding about the particular concerns a medical facility faces regarding their technological needs.  Georgia has many four-year universities which offer this type of information, both as on-site classes and online classes.
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