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Health Information Managment Course in Kentucky - KY

Students pursuing health informatics as a career are certain to find Kentucky's nearly fifty-five colleges and universities an excellent starting point. Only one degree program is offered in Kentucky which meets the guidelines of the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM), the foremost accrediting organization in the health informatics industry.  However, students may choose to complete a CAHIIM accredited health information management degree program on-line or through other distance learning programs.

Acquiring a health informatics degree in Kentucky could be the beginning of an interesting and lucrative career in health technology. Health information administrators are not required by state or federal laws to complete specific courses or degree programs, so the hiring guidelines for these professionals are developed by employers themselves, which leads to the possibility of some leeway in terms of minimum education and specific degree program completed.  Most health information administrators have completed either a bachelor's or master's degree program which focuses on information technology within the medical sector. In addition to electronic record maintenance, database maintenance, information analytics and database security, up and coming professionals in the health informatics industry may also study clinical coding, biology, and medical terminology.

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