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Health Information Managment Course in New Jersey - NJ

Registered health information administrators (RHIAs) oversee the management of health information systems in compliance with medical, ethical, legal and administrative requirements that adhere to best practices.  To work within the field in the Garden State, individuals must pursue health information management degrees in informatics through either online schools or New Jersey colleges that offer this area of concentration.  This credential will prepare them to enter the profession, which necessitates skills in data collection and analysis to best support patients, doctors and insurers and to create essential connections among them.  Their responsibilities mandate RHIAs’ understanding and application of computer technology to manage patient records as well as to secure stored health information.  In addition to technology skills, RHIAs must be solutions-oriented professionals whose critical thinking abilities enable them to resolve the challenges and complexities they may encounter.

In New Jersey, individuals may earn a Bachelor of Science degree in health information management (HIM).  These studies are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIM), which verifies programs’ adherence to high-quality teaching and learning.  Aspiring RHIAs will find this accreditation to be advantageous as it enhances their marketability among employers who seek to hire practitioners who have undertaken rigorous coursework in preparation for career entry.  

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