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Health Information Managment Course in Pennsylvania - PA

In February 2010, the federal government awarded over $99 million in stimulus funding to the Keystone Initiative for Network-Based Education and Research (KINBER), a coalition of Pennsylvania colleges and universities, research and health care organizations, and economic development entities. These organizations had submitted a joint application proposing the construction and management of a statewide broadband network, the Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN). When completed, the fiber optic cable network will extend over nearly 1,700 miles through 39 Pennsylvania counties, including 22 that are currently underserved or that had no broadband access previously available. This network will improve access to electronic medical and health records.

Clearly, the health and medical informatics sector is big business in Pennsylvania. Students would be wise to study for a health informatics degree in Pennsylvania. An associate degree is usually enough to break into the field, but in order to work in Health Information Administration (HIA) or Health Information Management (HIM), you will need a bachelor degree. For those who have an associate degree already, a certificate program may be an option. This training will allow you to work in this exciting, relatively new field that involves the conversion of traditional medical records to more contemporary, electronic ones. It is expected that jobs will continue to be plentiful in this field through the next decade.

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