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Health Information Managment Course in South Carolina - SC

The South Carolina Health Information Management Association (SCHIMA) is an organization representing approximately 1200 professionals working in health information management (HIM) in the Southeastern United States. These professionals are working to ensure that the transition from paper medical records to electronic medical records in South Carolina goes smoothly. With the rise in HIM and health information administration (HIA), it’s no wonder that many students elect to pursue a health informatics degree in South Carolina. Many schools within the state offer degrees, certificates or diplomas in some facet of HIM.

Those who study to be a health information administrator in South Carolina typically go to school for four years and earn a bachelor degree in informatics, or a certificate in health information administration or management. After graduation, students face the option of whether or not to become professionally certified. The majority of employers in South Carolina seem to be looking for Registered Health Information Administrators (RHIAs) over HIAs, as there are more job postings for RHIAs than there are for HIAs. Earning RHIA status involves passing an examination given by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Currently, there are two job postings on the SCHIMA website for RHIA certified professionals and none for HIAs.

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