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Health Information Technology Certification in Florida - FL

Most health information technicians' job descriptions include a wide range of tasks, from data compilation and analysis to information system maintenance to financial coding and billing, that require strong technical skills and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, even simple information management tasks can have a major impact on the functioning of a clinic, hospital division, or private practice. In order to be sure these complex tasks will be adequately performed, most employers prefer to hire certified technicians even though certification is not required by the state of Florida.

Health information technology certification in Florida comes in a number of forms. The most widely recognized form of HIT certification is bestowed by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), an organization of HIT professionals that works to uphold professional standards for the field. Those with a two-year degree in health information technology from an approved school or program are eligible to receive the title of Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)upon passing an AHIMA-administered examination.

Several schools of information technology also offer certification to students upon completion of training programs, though not all of these credentials are recognized by all employers and institutions.

Advanced health information technicians may also seek additional certification in specialized areas of high demand, like health information security and diagnostic coding. Such certification can help skilled technicians distinguish themselves and achieve greater professional success.

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