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Health Information Technology Certification in New Hampshire - NH

Although health technician certification is not legally required in New Hampshire, it can be an asset in finding employment, as employers generally look for indications that the employee has the required skills and knowledge. Health information technology certification in New Hampshire requires at least a two year degree. Options include RHIT (registered health information technician) training or specialty certifications such as medical coding. More advanced degrees can ultimately yield more opportunities and better pay, as well as new career challenges. Prospective health information technicians in New Hampshire should understand that sometimes the term ‘health information manager’ is used to donate a higher level of education and certification than that of a health information technician. RHIT certification in New Hampshire is granted by AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) and requires graduation from a Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Technology Management (CAHIIM) accredited program as well as passing scores on an examination. In the program, one should expect industry-specific training in medical terminology and anatomy as well as instruction in medical coding and use of pertinent software. Security issues are of course vital for a person who handles EHRs (electronic health records), and these will be covered in class as well.

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