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Health Information Technology Certification in Vermont - VT

Students that want to enroll in on-campus health information technology academic programs in Vermont have two great options available to them. First, there is a two year community college in Montpelier that offers three different education programs in HIT: Practice Workflow and Information Management Redesign Specialist, Implementation Support Specialist, and Technical and Software Support Specialist. These are non-degree career preparation programs that offer students curriculum that centers on courses like: Usability and Human Factors, Fundamentals of Health Workflow Process Analysis and Redesign, Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems, Configuring EHRs, Professionalism and Customer Service in the Health Environment, Terminology in Health Care and Public Health Settings. Even though graduates of these programs are not awarded an HIT degree, they may prepare students to qualify for registered health information technician (RHIT) certification in Vermont. 

Vermont students that are adamant about earning a health information technology degree will find that the closest HIT degree programs are actually in health informatics, an extremely similar discipline. Currently there is private college in Burlington that offers Associate of Science in Health Informatics, Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics, Health Informatics—Data Coding and Classification Certificate, and Health Informatics—Data Systems and Technology Certificate. These particular degrees are only available through online study and consist of courses such as: Navigating the US Health System, Introduction to Computer Programming, and Privacy and Protection in Law/Regulation in Health Care.

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