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Health Information Technology Certification in Virginia - VA

Those seeking registered health information technician or RHIT certification in Virginia will first need to earn an associate in health information management (HIM) or health information technology degree to qualify for examination by the American Health Information Management Associate (AHIMA). This degree program must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). There are two different community colleges with several locations throughout Virginia that offer CAHIIM-approved HIM programs. Although certification is not required, it greatly enhances marketability in the workforce.

In order to gain entry into these programs, students may need to achieve high scores on college placement exams, have completed high school courses in math (preferably algebra or statistics) and science (preferably biology), and pass physical examination to prove good health. These community colleges both offer an Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Management. In addition, Virginia students that are interested in earning academic awards in specialty fields can also earn a Clinical Data Coding Career Studies Certificate and a Medical Transcription Career Studies Certificate as well. Some examples of HIM-specific courses within these programs include: Electronic Health Record Applications, Introduction to Human Pathology, Information Systems and Technology in Health Care, Health Records Coding, and Orientation to Health Care.

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