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Health Information Technology Certification in Wyoming - WY

Those who plan to get into the health information technology field in Wyoming may be well advised to become certified after obtaining their health information technology degree. In order to get a job as a health information technician (HIT), one needs, at the minimum, an associate degree. This program typically takes about two years to complete. Courses that you can expect to take in a HIT training program include Medical Terminology, Statistics, Computer Applications, Reimbursement, Medical Coding, and Business Communications. Upon graduation, RHIT certification in Wyoming is available through examination. This process, which is under the direction of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), involves taking a 3 ½ hour examination consisting of 150 multiple choice questions. The exam tests your knowledge of health data structure, content and standards; healthcare information requirement and standards; clinical classifications systems; reimbursement methodologies; healthcare statistics and research; quality assessment and performance improvement; healthcare delivery systems; healthcare compliance, confidentiality, ethical, legal and privacy issues; information and communication technologies; data, storage and retrieval; data security; health information systems; human resources; and financial and physical resources.  Graduates of HIT training programs say that there are more professional opportunities available for those with post-graduate RHIT certification than there are for non-certified HITs.

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