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HIT Salary in Alabama - AL

Most jobs in Alabama in the health information technology field will be found within the local hospitals.  Additionally doctor, dental, and psychiatrist offices will have a need for the skill sets possessed by these candidates.  The conversion to electronic records in Alabama is a high priority; therefore in 2010 the Alabama Health Information Exchange Advisory Commission was introduced.  This commission is focused on ensuring that the current move towards statewide electronic records is completed in all medical offices and labs.  This has become a focal point in the state of Alabama to allow for efficient statewide transfer of medical information.  This priority means that health information technician jobs within the state will continue to grow and be available in all areas of the medical field, including labs, surgery centers, and nursing care facilities for the elderly.

The largest hospitals in Alabama, and the ones most likely to have positions available in this field and include Huntsville Hospital, Saint Vincent's Birmingham, and Dekalb Regional Medical Center

Technicians in Alabama can expect to earn about $21,000 per year and have the potential to earn up to $52,000 per year on the higher end.  The median pay is right around $31,000 per year.  Below is a list of average salaries based on some of the higher populated cities in Alabama.

  • Birmingham: $32,000/yr.
  • Huntsville:  $36,000/yr.
  • Mobile:  $29,000/yr.
  • Montgomery:  $31,000/yr.

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