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HIT Salary in California - CA

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects much faster growth in health information technology than other careers, with jobs expected to grow at a rate of approximately 20% over the next several years. This growth is the result of both the increasing adoption of electronic recordkeeping and the growth in healthcare careers overall, as the American population ages and requires more medical care.  California's senior population is expected to nearly double in the next fifteen years, growing from 3.4 million people in 2005 to 6.4 million in 2025. As a result, job opportunities and salaries in HIT are poised to increase greatly.

The average health information technology salary in California is $56,000. However, salaries can vary somewhat by location. Technology-friendly Silicon Valley cities tend to offer higher salaries, with average salaries of $65,000 in San Francisco and San Jose, while the average salary in Los Angeles is $55,000.

Salaries also vary significantly depending on your workplace. Health information technology professions employed by the federal government often make more than those employed by hospitals, nursing homes, or private physicians' offices.

Skills and experience also matter: health information technicians with a strong understanding of computer science, coding, and software are likely to be in particularly high demand and can command higher salaries.

Regardless of these differences, however, all health information technicians are likely to benefit from the tremendous projected growth in this exciting new field.

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