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HIT Salary in Colorado - CO

Health information technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States today, with job opportunities expected to grow approximately 20% by 2018. Salaries are likewise increasing as healthcare institutions struggle to meet the demand for qualified and skilled professionals.

The average health information technology salary in Colorado is $50,000. Though this may vary somewhat by location, from an average salary of $47,000 in Colorado Springs to an average of $50,000 in Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora, differences in health information technology salaries in Colorado tend to depend more on workplace and qualifications. For example, health information technicians employed by the federal government usually make more than those employed by private hospitals, while technicians employed by nursing homes usually make more than those who work at physicians’ offices.  At the same time, health information technicians with specialized skills, particularly in computer science and coding, are likely to be in greater demand and receive higher salaries.

As the population of senior citizens in Colorado is projected to nearly double over the next fifteen years, growing from 520,000 people to over a million, health care information technology will be more important than ever in managing the records of the increasing health needs of the aging population. Healthcare facilities catering to the elderly, like nursing homes and home healthcare facilities, are likely to experience an especially large demand for health information technicians.

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