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HIT Salary in Connecticut - CT

Health information technology (HIT) is a highly promising career field, with projected growth in jobs and salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 20% growth in HIT jobs from 2008-2018, a much higher rate than that of most jobs. Growth is likely to be especially strong in Connecticut, which is leading the way in utilizing technology to improve healthcare with a detailed plan to implement health information technology statewide in coming years.

The average health information technology salary in Connecticut is $58,000, 5% higher than the average salary nationwide. Salaries often vary by location, with average salaries in major cities in Connecticut listed below:

  • New Haven $48,000
  • Bridgeport $55,000
  • Stamford: $64,000
  • Hartford: $51,000

Salaries also vary depending on your level of experience and education, certification, and workplace. Health information technicians who work for the federal government tend to make the most, while those employed by physicians' offices usually make less than technicians at hospitals or nursing homes. Credentialed technicians tend to earn more, and have more job opportunities open to them, than those without credentials. Of course, the more educated and experienced you are, the more likely you are to get top jobs that pay top salaries. Advanced certification high-demand areas like Medicare coding and health information security can help you demonstrate special competency to employers.

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