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HIT Salary in Delaware - DE

With health information technology jobs projected to grow 20% over the next eight years, aspiring health information technicians with the right skills and training should have no trouble finding opportunities to advance their careers.

Due to the recently passed health care reform bill, which includes funding for the modernization of health information systems, health information technology careers are likely to grow more quickly than ever.

Health information technology salaries in Delaware are currently at an average of $53,000, though salaries vary depending on where you work. For example, salaries range from an average of $44,000 in Dover to $46,000 in Delaware City to $54,000 in Harrington.

Health information technicians employed by Delaware hospitals like Christiana Hospital, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, and Kent General Hospital in Dover tend to receive higher salaries than RHITs who are employd by nursing homes, outpatient clinics, or physicians' offices. Federal employees, many of whom provide Medicare and Medicaid coding services, make more on average than all other medical technology professionals.

Education and experience are also important. RHIT certification can help you increase your earning power and ability to achieve promotions, and certification in certain areas, such as coding and computer science, can help demonstrate your advanced skills to employers.

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