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HIT Salary in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

The average HIT salary in the District of Columbia is about $57,000 a year, while the average salary in Washington is $54,000. Interestingly, both of these averages are significantly higher than the $30,610 national average for HIT professions. Not only will you be making a profound contribution to healthcare delivery, the continuity of care, and patient safety, you will also be earning a stable, secure living wage that you can expect to increase as you continue to gain experience.

In the District of Columbia, the highest paying careers for health information technicians are generally found in hospital facilities, which is where most HITs in the District of Columbia work. However, there are many other types of facilities that need HIT professionals as well, such as chiropractic clinics, dental clinics, medical specialty clinics, family practice clinics, outpatient care centers, and even public health centers.

A good way for HIT professionals in the District of Columbia to network and promote advancements in health information technology is to become a member of professional organizations dedicated to that cause, like the District of Columbia Health Information Management Association. Becoming a member of this group helps to increase your exposure to employment opportunities and also helps establish your professional image.

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