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HIT Salary in Hawaii - HI

The average health information technology salary in Hawaii is a generous $45,000.  Of course, most new graduates of HIT programs don’t start out commanding quite this figure.  Income increases with educational level, years of experience in the health field, and type of job setting.  Across the US, certain trends have emerged.  The federal government employs a number of highly qualified health information technology experts, bestowing a comfortable salary and benefits package. 

Surgical hospitals are also sought after employers; they tend to pay a bit more than doctors’ offices or other smaller care facilities.  Among the elite facilities that Hawaii’s health information technicians can aspire toward are Kuakini Medical Center and The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, as well as the Hilo Medical Center in Hilo, which is actually one of the state’s largest employers.  HIT certification is from a national organization, as opposed to a state one, so a qualified health IT professional should be able to easily find a job in another state, should relocation prove necessary.  This is especially true with good references and a bit of job experience.

Job opportunities and average income do vary regionally within states.  The following are average annual incomes, reported for different Hawaiian metropolises:

  • Honolulu $41,000
  • Hilo $39,000
  • Kailua $41,000

With the United States Labor Bureau expecting a significant increase in health technology information jobs during the coming years, HIT can be an excellent field for those valuing job security.

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