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HIT Salary in Idaho - ID

The average health information technology salary in Idaho is $46,000. As with most professions, people don’t usually start out at this salary. Income increases with years of experience, and with educational level. Entry-level health information technology positions in the health care field typically require only a two-year degree, but more advanced degrees can lead to challenging and lucrative positions at regional hospitals. Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, and St Luke’s Boise Medical Center are among the health care facilities where Idaho’s qualified HIT graduates can hope to secure employment.  Fortunately, working professionals can pursue higher levels of education through distance learning while working within the field.

Salary also varies based on job setting. There are regional differences as well as differences between types of health care facility. Interestingly, it’s not always the largest cities that report the highest annual income in the health information technology profession. The following are reported as average salaries for Boise’s major metropolises:

  • Boise $40,000
  • Idaho Falls, $37,000
  • Meridian $39,000
  • Pocatello $36,000

A new graduate can expect to make less than the reported figures, but may be able to get a position that pays $40,000 to $50,000 down the road. There are health IT jobs in both the private and public sectors. Nationwide, general and surgical hospitals tend to offer a slightly more generous salary than do doctors’ offices or facilities that provide long term care. Fortunately for those who pursue an information technology career in the health field, new positions are opening up and the number of positions is expected to increase considerably in the coming years.

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